Dalyan Turtle Beach Hotel - Dalyan
Caretta Caretta The İztuzu beach is famous all around the world thanks to their lovely visitors, the Caretta Caretta turtles. Every year, Caretta Caretta's start laying eggs and return to the ocean. When it's time to hatch, the baby turtles rely only on their own senses and the reflection of the moonlight in order to move to the ocean. It might take all night for the turtles to make it to the ocean... These senses also cause the turtles to move to the shore while they're laying eggs  
İztuzu Beach The Iztuzu beach is 5400 meters long, and has been the second best beach to protect the earth's natural beauty. It is definitely worth a look with its golden colored and fine sand, the clear, shallow and salty water, especially during the afternoon with the calm breeze. If you enter the beach through the water path which looks like a maze, the gorgeous scenery along with the rock gravestones can be seen throughout the way. This beach is also one of the only beaches around the entire world in which Caretta Caretta turtles lay eggs.  
Rock Tombs Despite being old, the 3000-year old rock graves don't only add to the gorgeous scenery, it also shows one of the miracles of humanity. The Kaunos ancient city, founded in approximately 800 B.C. and located 3 kilometers inside the ocean, is another place which adds to the scenery seen from Dalyan. It is one of the most mysterious cities in the Mediterranean sea, and is located between Marmaris, Koycegiz and Sarigerme. The Kaunos ruins are only a kilometer away from Dalyan, and is accessible via land and sea.  
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