“You can rent a bike or

motorcycle to easily take a

nature trip right from our hotel...

Mud Baths

The world famous mud baths

will refresh your physical and

mental health, leading you to

feel much younger. The mud

drying on your skin will cause it

to stretch, helping with wrinkles

over time. You may also use the

hot water bath next to the mud

baths to relieve your aches and


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Car Rental

Sultaniye Spas

Around the Olmez mountain, the Sultaniye Spas, where the most mineral rich spa in Turkey is located. It is easily accessible from Dalyan. Where the water temperature is 39 degrees Celsius, the spa has the second highest Radon levels after Indonesia. It is known to have many healing properties.

İztuzu Beach

There are very few people who are not in love with Dalyan after spending a few days here. There are two ways to get to this beach. The first way is to take public transportation, this is located in the center of Dalyan, and is easily identifiable. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes by road. The other alternative is through the sea, and takes approximately 45 minutes.

Dalyan Boat Trip

To explore the canal, you can take the boat to go to Koycegiz through the calming effect of the sea and the magnificent nature sceneries along the way.  

Ekincik Bay

Ekincik Bay is a natural harbor for yachts. The tours to the bay, which is also a great spot for yachts, are very entertaining. It is recommended to bring swimming gear to the clear water.
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